Funny the World...

May 2008

May 31 My 26th Time
May 30 Don't Hurt My Kid!
May 29 Miscellaneous Sundries at Longs
May 28 Phun Phantom Phacts
May 27 Like Riding a Bicycle
May 26 I'd Walk a Mile
May 25 Brianna, 7 Weeks Plus
May 24 Ten Things That Happened Lately
May 23 Stop the Slaughter
May 22 New Toy
May 21 Imagination (this may take longer than usual to load)
May 20 Can You Hear Me Now?
May 19 An Artsy Fartsy Weekend
May 18 The Art of Conversation
May 17 A Little More Stupid
May 16 An Historic Decision
May 15 A Dose of Reality
May 14 Homeland Security
May 13 The Clone Machine
May 12 Floppies for Mommy
May 11 A Cup of Peanut Butter Cookies
May 10 Learning My Limits the Hard Way
May 9 Yawwwwn
May 8 Faw Down, Go Boom
May 7 Carnival of Follies
May 6 The Large Family
May 5 Are you Barking at ME?
May 4 Night of the Living Munchkin
May 3 Munchkin Land
May 2 If I Had a Nose Full of Nickels...
May 1 Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

created 5/31/08   by Bev Sykes