Funny the World...

May 2007

May 31   Family History
May 30   Pucker Power
May 29   It is Good to be Merry
May 28   If These Shadows Have Offended
May 27   But I'm Hungry!!!
May 26   The Riches
May 25   Hail the Mighty Ostrich
May 24   A Book By Its Cover
May 23   Auto Text and Macros
May 22   We Have Video Again
May 21   Back at the Beginning Again
May 20   The 365 Project
May 19   Nobody Ate the Kraft Dinner
May 18   Gone to the Dogs
May 17   How Big Is a Cubit?
May 16   It's Over with Me and Tony
May 15   With Six Do You Get Egg Roll?
May 14   Pancakes
May 13   The Wake
May 12   Sweet Surprise
May 11   Loss of Innocence
May 10   Way Cool!
May 9   Tea and Sympathy
May 8   Google
May 7   Expanding the Heavenly Choir
May 6   Lord of the Rings
May 5   A Nice Place to Be From
May 4   "Two Trains..."
May 3   Sometimes I Feel Like a Sad Song
May 2   Organizational Paralysis
May 1   A Hick from the Sticks

created 5/30/07   by Bev Sykes