Funny the World...

March 2007

Mar 31   Imprinting
Mar 30   Singing Over Bones
Mar 29   "CUZN' Day
Mar 28   Freezer Burn
Mar 27   Safe, Not Sorry
Mar 26   Surrogate Family
Mar 25   Pay It Forward
Mar 24   The Adjustment Process
Mar 23   The Pitter Patter of Little Feet
Mar 22   This Day in My Life
Mar 21   Movie Meme
Mar 20   Pulling Out All the Stops
Mar 19   "Mr. Brunelle"
Mar 18   Where's Mengele When You Need Him?
Mar 17   I've been Puppied"
Mar 16   Lana and Martin:  Day 1
Mar 15   Rampant Homophobia
Mar 14   I LOVE Daylight Savings
Mar 13   iTUNE, uTUNE, everybodyTUNE
Mar 12   For You, Only For You
Mar 11   A Claque of Critics
Mar 10   Happy Birthday
Mar 9   Good Night, John Boy; Good Night, Norm
Mar 8   Classmates
Mar 7   I Missed the Reunion
Mar 6   Woo Hoo!  I'm #18,980!
Mar 5   Dry the Glistening Tear
Mar 4   Impossible Dreams
Mar 3   CompUSA, Part 2:  a horror story
Mar 2   Home Again, Home Again
Mar 1   So Let's Talk CompUSA

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