Funny the World...

March 2006

Mar 31 Thankyewverymuch
Mar 30 Scatology
Mar 29 Boundaries
Mar 28 Urinetown
Mar 27 1, 2, 3...uh...4!
Mar 26 Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn
Mar 25 "I'll Do It!"
Mar 24 Hit the Ground Running
Mar 23 Back to Reality
Mar 22 The Last Day
Mar 21a Show Off
Mar 21 The Princess's Friend and the Pea
Mar 20 So Many Words, So Much Time
Mar 19 Psst ...Psst ...Psst
Mar 18 Coming Home
Mar 17 Luck of the Irish
Mar 16 Hunter and Gatherer
Mar 15 My Life Is an Open Book
Mar 14 Call Me Madam
Mar 13 Life in the Palm of Your Hand
Mar 12 Keeping Priorities Straight
Mar 11 Going to Hell
Mar 10 Snippy, Nasty People
Mar 9 Superheroes
Mar 8 A Ralph Bellamy Moment
Mar 7 With Me at the Oscars
Mar 6 Rattling the Family Skeleton
Mar 5 If You've Been Missing Puppies...
Mar 4 Performance Anxiety
Mar 3 There's a Sucker Born
Mar 2 All's Right with the World
Mar 1 The Fat Lady Ain't Singing

created 4/30/05   by Bev Sykes