Funny the World...

March 2005

Mar 31 Week One???
Mar 30 Don't Fence Me In
Mar 29 Dog Day Afternoon
Mar 28 Photo Entry
Mar 27 Pushy Mothers
Mar 26 The Maternal Instinct
Mar 25 We have urine!
Mar 24 Eau d'Esbilac
Mar 23 A Flurry of Activity
Mar 22 To Be...Or Not To Be
Mar 21 Fairy Revels
Mar 20 The 1815 Overture
Mar 19 A Musical Meme
Mar 18 No, It's Not Spaghetti Sauce
Mar 17 Kiss Me, I'm Irish
Mar 16 Exciting e-mail
Mar 15 Old Friends
Mar 14 The Carrot Caper
Mar 13 A Rant or Two (plus new puppy pix!)
Mar 12 So What Made the Cut?
Mar 11 Copy Cats
Mar 10 Such a Good Hostess
Mar 9 Step One
Mar 8 The Gay Lifestyle
Mar 7 Sunday Brunch
Mar 6 Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!
Mar 5 Thank God He Wasn't Gay
Mar 4B Around the World with a Friend
Mar 4 Amber Alert
Mar 3 I'm So Sorry, Peter
Mar 2 Can You Hear Me Now?
Mar 1 Home In Time for Oscar
created 3/31/05   by Bev Sykes