Funny the World...

March 2004


Mar 31 We Will Always Be Connected to Each Other, Dammit
Mar 30 Coming Clean
Mar 29 You Can Take the City out of the Girl
Mar 28 Chicago - Day 2
Mar 27 Chicago - Day 1
Mar 26 Right Back Where I Started From
Mar 25 Scarf that Sucker Down
Mar 24 Good News, Bad News
Mar 23 HOW R U 2DAY?
Mar 22 Old Friends
Mar 21 Growing Old is Not for Sissies
Mar 20 #1448
Mar 19 What Do You Say to a Naked Doctor?
Mar 18 To Boldly Go...
Mar 17 The Auld Sod
Mar 16 A New Reason to Diet
Mar 15 The Ewwww Factor
Mar 14 Power Typing
Mar 13 Praise the Lord and Pass the Prozac
Mar 12 Going Up in Smoke
Mar 11 Ghosts
Mar 10 Judy, Judy, Judy
Mar 9 Wake-up Call
Mar 8 The Windy City
Mar 7 Self Esteem Saturday
Mar 6 The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Mar 5 Home Sweet Home
Mar 4 A Day Without Dramamine
Mar 3 Howdy, Neighbor
Mar 2 Digital Delight
Mar 1 Roll of the Dice
created 3/30/04 by Bev Sykes