Funny the World...

June 2008

June 30 65 x 365
June 29 Family Reunion
June 28 Oh, Johnny Boy
June 27 At the Risk of Offending Feminists...
June 26 Still Cooking After All These Years
June 25 The OTHER Party
June 24 In the Garden
June 23 The Final Goodbye to Michele
June 22 Diary of Making a Cake, part 2
June 21 Diary of Making a Cake, part 1
June 20 Off Again, On Again
June 19 Under the Gun
June 18 Puff 'n' Stuff
June 17 I've Been to a Wedding
June 16 Cold Gruel World
June 15 Gone in a Flash
June 14 Tim and Grandma
June 13 On the Street Where I Lived
June 12 I Know You're Speaking English But...
June 11 I've Been Tagged
June 10 Joe
June 9 Everybody is Invited
June 8 Crying to John Denver
June 7 Life in 90 Seconds
June 6 Amtrak and Other Frustrations
June 5 Leader of the Pack
June 4 It Seems So Long (part 2)
June 3 It Seems So Long
June 2 Rolling My Eyes
June 1 Flag Waving

created 6/30/08   by Bev Sykes