Funny the World...

June 2006

June 30 My Kingdom for Some Shit
June 29 If You Wait Long Enough, It's Finally Your Turn
June 28 Whadda Guy!
June 27 Elmer's Big Outing
June 26 The Other Wedding
June 25 Please, Not Again
June 24 Cows
June 23 A Day in the Life
June 22 Living Local History
June 21 The Autobiography Meme
June 20 The Wedding
June 19 Look at These Videos
June 18 I Don't Understand People, Part 2
June 17 I Don't Understand People
June 16 I'll Just Pick up a Few Things
June 15 Fighting City Hall
June 14 Don't Ask, Don't Tell
June 13 Young Pups and Old Poops
June 12 Meeting Old Friends for the First Time
June 11 What?  No Video??
June 10 Off to Vloggercon
June 9 A Simple Request
June 8 An Appointment with Death
June 7 Boogers and Vomit
June 6 I Know the Secret!!!!!
June 5 It's Queer Hunting Season
June 4 Uh...Hello?
June 3 Kakeeroo and Kartudus
June 2 Slowly Mounting Panic
June 1 It Sneaks Up on You

created 6/30/05   by Bev Sykes