Funny the World...

June 2005

June 30 'Just Words'
June 29 Determination
June 28 Three Ring Circus
June 27 Everything But Brandy
June 26 40 Years and Counting
June 25 Pride vs. Puppies
June 24 End to End
June 23 Rumble, Rumble, Rumble; Mutiny, Mutiny, Mutiny
June 22 Decompressing
June 21 All Good Things...
June 20 On A Clear Day
June 19 Where's Mel Brooks When You Need Him?
June 18 Funny the World
June 17 On Our Toes
June 16 A Bunch of Crafty People
June 15 Welcome to My State
June 14 The Other Side of the Interviewer's Notebook
June 13 Having a Gay Old Time
June 12 Butterflies and Cool Breezes
June 11 Marathon Man
June 10 Where's the Cream Cheese?
June 9 Parent Effectiveness Training
June 8 My New Role
June 7 Another One Up In Smoke
June 6 Killing the Dog
June 5 Who Needs Desperate Housewives ?
June 4 Being George Bush
June 3 Why I'll Never Make It in Photojournalism
June 2 Move Over, Julia
June 1 Working for Peanuts

created 5/30/05   by Bev Sykes