Funny the World...

June 2004


June 30 Marn's Purple Ball of Humiliation
June 29 Catch Me If You Can
June 28 Wasn't It Only Yesterday...?
June 27 And That's the Truth--Sort of
June 26 Fairy Tale Wedding
June 25 Current Events
June 24 Going Around in Circles Again
June 23 Jiminy Cricket
June 22 A Gift from Paul
June 21 Not Your Father's Baseball
June 20 A Special Man
June 19 It's the Water
June 18 The Golden Fire Hydrant
June 17 What's In a Name?
June 16 Good Girl!  Good Girl!
June 15 Love and Marriage, The Other Side
June 14 Love and Marriage
June 13 Pomp and Circumstance
June 12 H. R. Buff'n'Stuff
June 11 The Best Show on Broadway
June 10 For Want of a Subject...
June 9 "Inn-mates"
June 8 OK--well, maybe ONE more...
June 7 What a Difference a Year Makes
June 6 Sounds Artsy Fartsy to Me
June 5 Day One
June 4 More about Aussies
June 3 Aussie News
June 2 What to Say...
June 1 Welcome to My Desk
created 6/30/04 by Bev Sykes