Funny the World...

July 2007

July 31   The Big Bully
July 30   No Joy in Mudville
July 29   Surprises
July 28   Losing It
July 27   What Was YOUR Favorite?
July 26   Belly Aches
July 25   Hugh Grant
July 24   You Can Go Home Again, Briefly
July 23   The Lost Weekend
July 22   Michael Vick and the Poky Little Puppy
July 21   Magic Eyelids, Part 2
July 20   Magic
July 19   "Summertime"
July 18   Puppy Crises
July 17   Yond Sopa Has a Lean and Hungry Look
July 16   On the Job Training
July 15   Déjà Vû All Over Again
July 14   I'll Never Eat in Howard Johnson's Again
July 13   On Naming Puppies
July 12   Sniff... Sniff...
July 11   "Progress" in the "Way Back Machine"
July 10   Gimme a Hug
July 9   Social Debut
July 8   Oh, Toto, There's No Place Like Home
July 7   Virtual Immortality
July 6   "Let's Go Shopping!!"
July 5   Fantasy and Reality
July 4   It's Baby Day!
July 3   Time Goes By So Slowly
July 2   Everybody Loves Barbeque
July 1   Fat Pig

created 6/30/07   by Bev Sykes