Funny the World...

January 2008

Jan 31   Cute Little Pink Little Taser
Jan 30   I Hate Myself
Jan 29   Turning 70 in Style
Jan 28   Flip Flopper
Jan 27   Michele and Gautami
Jan 26   Not Goofing Off--Honest!
Jan 25   The Magic of PhotoShop
Jan 24   Marilyn Mantay
Jan 23   Oh, I'm in Such Trouble
Jan 22   Don't Cry
Jan 21   @$%# Facebook
Jan 20   Futile Protest
Jan 19   Congo on My Mind
Jan 18   Russell Crowe is Hot
Jan 17   Round Babies vs. Pointy Babies
Jan 16   Plastics
Jan 15   Thirty-Four More Days!!
Jan 14   Taking Mike Huckabee's Picture
Jan 13   I Got Ssssteam Heat
Jan 12   What Hath Dog Wrought
Jan 11   Once a Transcriptionist...
Jan 10   Bodies--Walt's and some Chinese Men--Revealed
Jan 9   Not That There's Anything Wrong with That
Jan 8   I'm Delighted
Jan 7   Et Lux Erat
Jan 6   Fiat Lux
Jan 5   Blackout!
Jan 4   Saving the Environment
Jan 3   Comparing Years
Jan 2   A Safe and Sane New Year's Eve
Jan 1   Unfortunate Fireworks for New Year's Eve

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