Funny the World...

January 2007

Jan 31   Mrs. Babcock
Jan 30   Hot Pink
Jan 29   Day #1
Jan 28   Sticks and Stones
Jan 27   She's Home! She's Home!
Jan 26   When I Screw Up, I Do a Great Job
Jan 25   Quarantine!
Jan 24   Time for a Clean Out
Jan 23   Look Alikes
Jan 22   Look Who's Back
Jan 21   I Think I'll Skip the Corn Flakes
Jan 20   A Family Affair
Jan 19   Touching the World
Jan 18   The Latest on My Mother
Jan 17   There Comes a Time
Jan 16   Jack's Back
Jan 15   Lockjaw
Jan 14   I'm Unworthy
Jan 13   Something Sinister
Jan 12   You Can't Get There From Here
Jan 11   How Do They Do It?
Jan 10   Change of Venue
Jan 9   I'm Reviewing the Situation
Jan 8   Flying High
Jan 7   There's a Long, Long Trail A-Winding
Jan 6   Things Change in an Instant
Jan 5   "Things"
Jan 4   No Honey-Do
Jan 3   Guardians of History
Jan 2   Taking Stock of 2006
Jan 1   If You Wait Long Enough, It's Finally Your Turn

created 12/30/06   by Bev Sykes