Funny the World...

January 2006

Jan 31 Groundhog Day
Jan 30 Finally I Can Say It
Jan 29 Fool Me Once...
Jan 28 Pine Ridge
Jan 27 Up and Down the Silverado Trail
Jan 26 Cold Turkey, Warm Duck
Jan 25 Bev Looks Like... 
Jan 24 Ex Tech Day
Jan 23 Speaking in Tongues
Jan 22 Scarier and Scarier
Jan 21 Off to the Spa...
Jan 20 Lost Opportunities
Jan 19 Living History
Jan 18 Kymm for a Day
Jan 17 Five Random Things
Jan 16 A Flurry of Excitement
Jan 15 I Don't Get It
Jan 14 Looking Back
Jan 13 Sex and Violence
Jan 12 Only God Can Make a Tree
Jan 11 Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are
Jan 10 When I Am Queen
Jan 9 Peace in the Valley Again
Jan 8 Brokeback Mountain
Jan 7 More Nuts on the Family Tree
Jan 6 Dancing in my Heart
Jan 5 That's My Family
Jan 4 Things Can Change in an Instant
Jan 3 2100
Jan 2 Wading Through to 2006
Jan 1 It Started with Mutt
created 4/30/05   by Bev Sykes