Funny the World...

January 2005

Jan 31 Waking Up
Jan 30 It Was Nice While It Lasted
Jan 29 Give Me A Sign
Jan 28 Scrapbook (photo intensive--sorry!)
Jan 27 Gay puppies
Jan 26 Oh, Horror!
Jan 25 Alpha, Omega and Something In Between
Jan 24a Therrre's Johnny
Jan 24 More Tales from the Nursery
Jan 23 Obviously I Need a Better System
Jan 22 The World's Biggest Tourist
Jan 21 From the Nursery
Jan 20 My Mother's Daughter
Jan 19 Not My President (redux)
Jan 18 I Recommend...
Jan 17 Comedy and Tragedy
Jan 16 Stop the Presses!!!
Jan 15 Who's Gonna Make Me?
Jan 14 Groan...Creak...
Jan 13 Mary Said
Jan 12 Brad and Jen
Jan 11 Google Me, Baby
Jan 10 Whew!
Jan 9 Feast or Famine
Jan 8 I'm Smashed
Jan 7 Charlie
Jan 6 Does Martha Go Through This?
Jan 5 Joe Btfslpk
Jan 4 It Just Makes You Want to Cry
Jan 3 We Aim to Please
Jan 2 Who the hell is Anna Ahkmatova?
Jan 1 Pondering the Imponderable
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