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February 2008

Feb 29   Specialite du Jour
Feb 28   The Failure of Technology
Feb 27   Birthdays and Plans
Feb 26   Home Sweet Home
Feb 25   Beige Lady
Feb 24   Don't Rain on My Shower
Feb 23   How I Spent My Day
Feb 22   Santa Barbara Choo Choo
Feb 21   Moon Madness
Feb 20   Hungry and Grumpy
Feb 19   Life and Death
Feb 18   Happy Birthday, Peggy!!
Feb 17   Napping with Kate
Feb 16   A Bit of Undigested Beef
Feb 15   Oh Pulleeze
Feb 14   The Valentine's Day Scam
Feb 13   What the Old Folks Do
Feb 12   The River Lethe
Feb 11   The Search for Perfection
Feb 10   Do I have to Join the NRA?
Feb 9   Necessity is the Mother of...SPENDING!
Feb 8   Going Into Hiding
Feb 7   I Can Get Some Satisfaction
Feb 6   Super Tuesday
Feb 5   Faith of Our Fathers
Feb 4   The Anti-Super Bowl
Feb 3   Thanks for the Memories
Feb 2   It's the Economy, Stupid
Feb 1   Most Considerate Dogs Ever

created 2/29/08   by Bev Sykes