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Funny the world in a world all alone
I feel like I've lost everything that I own
Funny the funnies aren't funny any more.
Funny the tears as they fall from my eyes
There are two kinds of tears--
one from truth, one from lies
There's a broken soldier,
who's going home...

--Paul Sykes
f t s

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Dec 31 2010 in Numbers
Dec 30 Puppies Gone
Dec 29 Those BIG Puppies
Dec 28 No More Puppies
Dec 27 We Forgot to Go Boxing
Dec 26 And To All a Good Night
Dec 25 I Watch Survivor--I Can DO This
Dec 24 The First Celebration
Dec 23 Season of Miracles
Dec 22 A Day (More or Less) with Jeri
Dec 21 The Odd Couple
Dec 20 Baubles, Bangles, Bright Shiny Beads
Dec 19 Turn Off the Bubble Machine
Dec 18 Polite Society
Dec 17 The Christmas Train
Dec 16 Happy Birthday (again), Ludwig
Dec 15 My Day in Facebook Status Updates
Dec 14 The Saga Continues
Dec 13 (Modified) Joy to the World
Dec 12 Santa Read My Letter
Dec 11 He Cheated
Dec 10 I'm Back
Dec 9 Cold Turkey is a Bitch
Dec 8 Computers Make Me Want to Cry
Dec 7 Falling in Love with PhotoShop All Over Again
Dec 6 Fixated on Breasts
Dec 5 Life with Puppies
Dec 4 Divorcing CVS
Dec 3 The Yearly Letter
Dec 2 Screwed by Technology
Dec 1 Beliefs
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