Funny the World...

December 2005

Dec 31 Lasts
Dec 30 Where Was Col. Klink?
Dec 29 Oh My God--She's SITTING DOWN!!!!!!
Dec 28 Shallots
Dec 27 Geeks Bearing Gifts
Dec 26 ...And To All a Good Night
Dec 25 Family Movie Night
Dec 24 A Lump of Coal
Dec 23 And they lived happily ever after...
Dec 22 It Was a Pretty Good Year
Dec 21 Patriot Shmatriot
Dec 20 Party Girl
Dec 19 Stranger in a Strange Land
Dec 18 The Fours Meme
Dec 17 Reality Sucks
Dec 16 Happy Whatever
Dec 15 Collateral Information
Dec 14 'Tis the Season...Again
Dec 13 How the Grinch Found Christmas
Dec 12 We. Are. Fam-i-ly.
Dec 11 Of Parties and Stuff
Dec 10 Shades of Purple
Dec 9 Looking for Christmas
Dec 8 Not to Sound Like Scrooge or Anything...
Dec 7 Ghost of Christmas Past
Dec 6 Hurricane Latte
Dec 5 So Close
Dec 4 Grandpa Josiah
Dec 3 Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas
Dec 2 Shirking My Civic Duty
Dec 1 Remembering Old Friends
created 4/30/05   by Bev Sykes