Funny the World...

August 2008

Aug 31   One Little Word:  Married
Aug 30   Move Over, Harold Hill
Aug 29   Shopping and Texting
Aug 28   Snacks, Wedding, Day at the Beach
Aug 27   We Have Some Rings
Aug 26 Mid-Night Terrors, Part 2
Aug 25 King of the Hill
Aug 24 Sing Us a Song, You're the Piano Man
Aug 23 Mid-Night Terrors
Aug 22 "I Love You"
Aug 21 Cousins Day - August
Aug 20 Party Central
Aug 19 And So It Begins
Aug 18 God Did Make Little Green Apples
Aug 17 We're Too Old for This
Aug 16 A Touch of History
Aug 15 Twooshing the Day
Aug 14 You're Not Listening, World
Aug 13 Bouncing Bodies
Aug 12 Believe it or Not
Aug 11 Petri Dish
Aug 10 Who is Jim Lampley?
Aug 9 Luckiest Day of the Year
Aug 8 Visit from an Old Friend
Aug 7 Less of Me
Aug 6 Social Networking
Aug 5 The Guns of August
Aug 4 Lifetime Warranty
Aug 3 Mr. S Graciously Declines Your Invitation
Aug 2 No Experience is Ever Wasted
Aug 1 Fast Food Peeves

created 8/31/08   by Bev Sykes