Funny the World...

August 2007

Aug 31   Betty
Aug 30   "You Fat F**k" (explicit language)
Aug 29   Contac Sport
Aug 28   Would you believe it...
Aug 27   My Civic Duty
Aug 26   (Lordy, Lordy) Ned is 40
Aug 25   The Worst Mother in the World
Aug 24   Starving Children in China
Aug 23   High Tea
Aug 22   Twitterpated
Aug 21   Hangin' with the Kids
Aug 20   Right In Our Own Back Yard
Aug 19   A Trip Down Memory Lane
Aug 18   In a Quandary
Aug 17   Once More With Feeling  
Aug 16   Potpourri
Aug 15   Outsourcing Widgets
Aug 14   Time Wasting
Aug 13   We Sail the Ocean Blue -- Again
Aug 12   Word Power
Aug 11   Four Whole Hours
Aug 10   Old F**ks
Aug 9   ...And So They're Gone
Aug 8   I Hate Them All
Aug 7   It Must Be a Good Thing
Aug 6   Aunt Sam (a guest entry)
Aug 5   Distancing
Aug 4   Rest and Relaxation
Aug 3   Beaver Lake
Aug 2   Ethel Sings Again
Aug 1   Must. Have. Coffee.

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