Funny the World...

August 2006

Aug 31 It's All in Your Perspective
Aug 30 Yeah, I Watched the Emmys
Aug 29 Time to Smell the Roses
Aug 28 Lordy, Lordy
Aug 27 Mexican Won Ton
Aug 26 But Try to Have a Nice Day Anyway
Aug 25 Responsibility is Overrated
Aug 24 Some Things to Consider
Aug 23 There's No Time for That Now...
Aug 22 Sour Grapes
Aug 21 Snickers
Aug 20 Coming Home to a Place I'd Never Been Before
Aug 19 Travel is Broadening
Aug 18 The Manicurist Makes Housecalls
Aug 17 Missed Opportunities
Aug 16 To Boldly Go...
Aug 15 Doin' the Shipoopi
Aug 14 Sheila's Adventure
Aug 13 I'm Depressed
Aug 12 Time for a Puppy Update
Aug 11 Trouble in River City
Aug 10 Stan's the Man
Aug 9 Atrocities
Aug 8 I love the Internet
Aug 7 Killing Time Productively
Aug 6 To Reddering by Way of Havana
Aug 5 The Agony and the Ecstasy
Aug 4 How is Hell Week Going?
Aug 3 Here We Go Again
Aug 2 None of Your Damn Business
Aug 1 Back in the Saddle Again

created 7/31/06   by Bev Sykes