Funny the World...

August 2005

Aug 31 Research
Aug 30 Well, THAT Was Fast
Aug 29 The Childhood Meme
Aug 28 Dr. Jeckyl and Ms. Hyde
Aug 27 Crazy Dog Lady
Aug 26 The Smirk
Aug 25 Birthday Traditions
Aug 24 Activist Judges
Aug 23 Orgies are So Exhausting
Aug 22 A Nice, Quiet Neighborhood
Aug 21 Timid Jasmine
Aug 20 The Kid
Aug 19 Mary Made Me Do It
Aug 18 Tell Me More, Tell Me More...
Aug 17 V-Logging and Other New Ideas
Aug 16 The Silver Screen
Aug 15 She Came from a Dysfunctional Family
Aug 14 It's Right on the Tip of My Tongue
Aug 13 A Salaried Philosopher?
Aug 12 My Life in a Shopping Cart
Aug 11 No Good News Tonight
Aug 10 That Old Gang of Mine
Aug 9 Bits and Pieces
Aug 8 If You Give Me Your Attention
Aug 7 Musical Beds
Aug 6 We Could Get a Barn!
Aug 5 The Learning Curve
Aug 4 Putting in My Two "Scents"
Aug 3 "An Eddie-Like Dog"
Aug 2 Losing My Virginity
Aug 1 Shortstop

created 7/30/05   by Bev Sykes