Funny the World...

August 2004


Aug 31 A Davis Happening
Aug 30 What's the Buzz? What's Happening?
Aug 29 Lost Imaginary Friends
Aug 28 I Left My Heart...
Aug 27 Black Out
Aug 26 Chuck It
Aug 25 The Raveled Sleeve of Care
Aug 24 With Liberty and Justice for All
Aug 23 Breakfast in NJ, Lunch in DE
Aug 22 The Sun Did Not Shine, It was Too Wet to Play...
Aug 21 Like Riding a Bicycle
Aug 20 Off With Their Heads
Aug 19 Every Dog's a Critic
Aug 18 I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane Again
Aug 17 No Pain, No Gain
Aug 16 Just Like a Grown Up
Aug 15 A Bit of This, A Bit of That
Aug 14 Ribbons and Tears
Aug 13 Separate and Unequal
Aug 12 A Lifetime of Memories part 2
Aug 11 A Fable
Aug 10 America's Favorite Pastime
Aug 9 A Lifetime of Memories
Aug 8 Botox and Other Imponderables
Aug 7 I Want S'More
Aug 6 The Evening News
Aug 5 Sometimes You Get a Freebee
Aug 4 The Lines Creep On Apace
Aug 3 It's All Routine
Aug 2 Wherefore Art Thou?
Aug 1 Sunflowers, Corn and Tomatoes
created 8/31/04 by Bev Sykes