Funny the World...

April 2008

April 30 "What Are You Writing?"
April 29 Theatre of the Absurd
April 28 A Brief Post Mortem
April 27 Not a Multi-Media Event
April 26 Two Pairs of Pants
April 25 Day of Silence
April 24 Cavities too?
April 23 Doos and Don'ts
April 22 Worse than Felons
April 21 Is It Any Wonder...?
April 20 Some Internet-Related Stuff
April 19 The 'Good' People
April 18 Nobody Gave Me an Apple
April 17 Bringing You Up to Date
April 16 Going Hi Def, Slowly
April 15 Yes, Sheila, We're Really Home
April 14 It's Just a "Thing"
April 13 Saturday in the Park with Brianna
April 12 Our Little Angel
April 11 My Lunch with Oprah
April 10 The Old Cedar Chest
April 9 Dear Brianna
April 8 Little Bits of Good News
April 7 Technological Quagmire
April 6 We're Better than That
April 5 Come up and Skype Me Sometime
April 4 100 Things I Like
April 3 California's Prop 99
April 2 Thirty-Eight Years Ago
April 1 Baby Watch

created 3/31/08   by Bev Sykes