Funny the World...

April 2006

Apr 30 All the Monkeys Aren't in the Zoo
Apr 29 Who You Taking to the Witch Burning?
Apr 28 Kicking Back in Boston
Apr 27 Now the Truth Can Be Told
Apr 26 Forty
Apr 25 Ain't What It Used to Be Either
Apr 24 Misty, Water-Colored Memories
Apr 23 Now That's Sick
Apr 22 Pups on the Pergo
Apr 21 Tears and Clam Dip
Apr 20 It's Good to Remember--Even the Sad Stuff
Apr 19 Screaming at the TV
Apr 18 Day of Mixed Emotions
Apr 17 Resurrection
Apr 16 Thankyewverymuch
Apr 15 Late Night Phone Calls
Apr 14 My Kingdom for a Pacifier
Apr 13 Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
Apr 12 R. I. P.
Apr 11 She Ain't What She Used to Be
Apr 10 And Then There Were Three
Apr 9 Q & A
Apr 8 Not as Crazy as I Thought
Apr 7 And Then There Were Seven
Apr 6 I Feel So Much Better Now
Apr 5 Rogue's Gallery
Apr 4 The Heck with PETA
Apr 3 A Fleeting Whisp of Glory
Apr 2 Chaos Central
Apr 1 Canine Prozac

created 4/30/05   by Bev Sykes