Funny the World...

April 2005

Apr 30 Hair-Raising Tale
Apr 29 Five by Five
Apr 28 Like Sleeping on a Cloud
Apr 27 The Learning Curve
Apr 26 Clown Car
Apr 25 Police State
Apr 24 How Sheila Got Her Groove Back
Apr 23 Welcome K-Mart Shoppers
Apr 22 Kamikaze Krafting
Apr 21 Mackerel Snappers
Apr 20 The Russians Have Landed
Apr 19 Like Sands Through the Hourglass
Apr 18 Eating and Sleeping in St. Louis
Apr 17 Arch Enemy
Apr 16 Meet Me in St.Louis, Louis
Apr 15 When My Worlds Collide
Apr 14 The Dogs are Exhausted
Apr 13 Do I Have This Right?
Apr 12 You Want Spackle With That?
Apr 11 Good News and Better News
Apr 10 It's So Hard to be a Goddess
Apr 9 We're On Our Way
Apr 8 A Lasting Legacy
Apr 7 Catching the Wild Yeast
Apr 6 The Die is Cast
Apr 5 Obscenity
Apr 4 What Was I Thinking?
Apr 3 First Blood
Apr 2 Never Again
Apr 1 The Great Houdini
created 4/30/05   by Bev Sykes