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For the next few weeks, we'll be seeing magnets from Ned & Marta's refrigerator door.

Even tho this looks like an add for Tanqueray, it's a martini magnet that Tom gave to Ned several years ago.

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taking a hiatus until we get home from Boston on Wednesday night.

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7 April 2001

Iím never "ready" to leave for a trip. We will be leaving here at 6:30 in the morning to fly to Boston for a few days. Ned is coming in to take care of the dog and the house. It is nearly 7 p.m. and of course I havenít even thought about what Iím packing to take.

Instead of doing that, I typed a couple of reports, and then decided for some unexplainable reason that I absolutely had to make a music CD before I left. It was one Iíd had in the back of my mind that I wanted to make for Peggy and I figured I could make it and get it in the mail before we flew off.

Of course Iíd never made a music CD before and of course I couldnít be bothered reading anything about how to make it. And of course it took longer than I expected. And of course I screwed up. And of course it made me angry that Iíd wasted time on something that really could have been done when we got home.

By the time I gave up, my mother was here. Sheís spending the night with us and will go with us (along with Waltís mother) to Boston. So nothing else got done because we were sitting her yaking away and I showed her some of the slide shows.

She also had never seen a DVD player, so we watched Gladiator.

Then I decided that rather than packing, I wanted to make one more try at getting the older version of CompuServe which I use as my ISP when I'm on the road on the laptop so I could keep up with the journal on this trip. Since I've lost the program disks, that involved trying to get the dead laptop to spring to life just one more time (successful, after a lot banging and a lot of of frustration).

I copied over all of the files I thought I needed, moved them to the new laptop, tried to start the program and realized that the .dll files were with the Windows system and not with the CompuServe files. By now, of course, I had shut down the broken laptop and it would mean firing it up again and praying it would stay connected long enough. I also didn't know how many .dll files there were or what they were named.

I sent off a quick e-mail to a friend to see if he could tell me so I could do one-stop shopping, but Iím holding no hope of that getting done. So I have half a program, but am still not able to connect to the internet without paying long distance rates.

We had a lovely dinner and then watched Shadowlands on DVD. Now Walt and my mother have gone off to bed and Iím sitting here, realizing that we leave for the airport in about 8 hours and between now and then I have a report to finish and packing to do. Oh yeah--and maybe sleep a little.

So, dear readers, the deal is this. I will be away from my computer for 3 days. I have put up "shell" journal entries on the off chance I am able to find a way to connect to geocities to post an update. If I do, there will be links on the index page (if not the date that says "in Boston" wonít have an actual link to it). But in any event, each "shell" page has the dayís magnet, so if youíre into Nedís magnets, follow the "next" link on each page, even if there is no actual text in the journal entry itself.

But with luck, Iíll be able to borrow Jeriís computer and get at least one report up at some during the next three days.


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