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For the next few weeks, we'll be seeing magnets from Ned & Marta's refrigerator door.

Ned has this thing for "poop," so there's a lot of this sort of thing on his refrigerator door. This is actually magnet 1 of 2...you'll see the companion magnet tomorrow.

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A Medieval Home Companion:
Housekeeping in the 14th Century

If you are in an region where there are wolves' dens

Recipe for a powder to kill wolves and foxes: Take the root of hellebore (this is the hellebore that has a white flower) and dry that root well, but not in the sun. Remove the earth and then make a powder in a mortar. Mix into this powder a fifth part of well-ground glass and a fourth part of lily leaf. Mix and crush all this together so that it can be put through a sieve. Take honey and fresh blood in equal amounts, mix them with this powder, make a paste that is stiff and thick, form large pieces the size of a hen's egg, cover these pieces with fresh blood, and put them on stones or little tiles in places where wolves and foxes are known to go. If you want to use an old dead animal for bait, you can prepare it two or three days beforehand and throw the powder on the decaying carcass, without forming it into pieces.

Here are some of my theatre reviews, if you're interested.

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In a Sunburned Country
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4 April 2001

You didnít stop me. I asked you to stop me. I got outta control today.

Here are the before and after pictures for today

from this

to this

I lost count of the number of bags I hauled out to the garbage (and that was after the garbage pickup, so thereís going to be a huge amount of trash next week!). I hoped to clear away one column of junk but I went all the way to the wall and went through everything and threw away most of it. Itís just amazing how much junk one accumulates in oneís lifetime.

One thing I found was an envelope which contained x-rays of Paulís hand. The x-rays were taken years ago and were ordered by "Paulís gynecologist."

I was working in an ob/gyn office at the time and that morning before work, I somehow (I donít remember exactly how) found out Paulís hand was very swollen. Even he was a little embarrassed. Seems heíd become angry, as he often did, and in his anger he decided to punch out a house. Jammed his hand into the wall of a house. The house was a pacifist and didnít hit back, but it was still clearly the winner of the encounter.

I suggested Paul go to a doctor, but he didnít have insurance and he didnít have a regular doctor (he was an adult by this time and working at a job where he had no benefits). He was going to ice the hand and hope for the best.

When I got to work, I was relating the story to one of the doctors. Bells went off in her head and she said that if he had broken something in the hand, it could affect him forever and gave me scare stories. She said she would be willing, since he did not have his own physician, to order x-rays for him.

I called him and pointed out that since his career depended on his ability to hold and play a guitar, it would behoove him to put his pride aside and get the hand x-rayed, and so he reluctantly did. He stopped by the office and picked up the referral and when the x-rays were completed, they were sent back to the office.

Yes, heíd broken the hand, but the injury was minor and taken care of easily.

But he liked to tell the story at shows, telling the audience that he was a feminist, dammit, and not too proud to admit to the world that he had a gynecologist.

The x-rays are now in the garbage.

As is the history of the writing of The Lamplighters: 25 Years of Gilbert & Sullivan in San Francisco. This was a book I helped to put together in 1976 with two other women, Alison S. Lewis and Carolyn McGovern. They did most of the interviews and almost all the writing; I was the (surprise) transcriptionist and head cheerleader. The huge box contains all of the correspondence that was exchanged during the 2-year project and probably a lot of the interviews. I started to look through the box and then stopped myself, realizing that if I actually started reading what was in there, Iíd probably waffle and decide to keep it. So I tossed it all out, unread. (I did save the copy of Books in Print that lists that book and the followup book which Alison and I wrote ten years later, though!)

Along about hour 4 of my mucking about, I kind of hit the wall and had a mini tantrum, where the dog ran for cover and I realized Iíd probably done enough for the day. I took time out to write to Peggy and then to take a nap. When I woke up, there was all the bits and pieces of what Iíd moved out of the office to put "somewhere" and the top of a credenza was really bothering me, so I filled another bag, got just about everything put away, and am now ready to transcribe.

Iíve accomplished an awful lot in the last two days. I knew last night that I would want to tackle the other half of the office today, but there is nothing nagging away in the back of my head for tomorrow, so I will probably slow down a bit.

Besides, the dog has an appointment with the vet to get her shot and to have her anal glands stripped. Iím sure sheíll think itís punishment for of all the screaming I did at her today.

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