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She's Come Undone
by Wally Lamb


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24 April 2001

How Seattle.

I stopped to get a snack at the airport and there was a special of latte with a peach and granola muffin for $3.50.

It seemed the perfect last meal before heading back to California. I sipped my latte and felt the muffin crumble in my fingers as I watched the construction out the snack shop window. The Seattle airport suffered a lot of damage in the recent earthquake. Diane tells me that the huge safety glass in the control tower had broken and that the air traffic controllers are working out of a trailer now while they build a fancy new tower. All over the airport construction is going on, and Iím sure a good portion of that is earthquake repair.

When I finished my lunch, I presented myself to the Southwest counter to get my boarding pass. A-ha! #14 this time...not #94 like I was on the ride up. This meant Iíd be among the first 30 people to be let on board and could choose a window seat, so I wouldnít have to find a friendly face that didnít blanche in terror at the idea of my large frame squeezing into the middle seat next to him/her.

With my preferred seating guaranteed, I was free to spend the next hour burying myself in my book. Steve recommended Sheís Come Undone to me some time ago, and it was an excellent choice. It made the waiting time and the trip itself pass very quickly.

We had a fairly calm flight, and no sooner were Southwestís cheeze-it crackers eaten and the orange juice drunk than we were descending into Sacramento airport.

I felt a little weird walkikng out into the hot Sacramento sun carrying a warm jacket. It had been cold, grey, and wet when I left Seattle and I forgot that though the two states are on the same side of the country, they definitely do not share the same weather patterns.

The nice thing about the Sacramento airport is that you can hop a local bus and for $1, it will take you into Davis and drop you off a block from the house. Since Walt was at work when I arrived, we agreed Iíd just come home by bus.

The only tricky thing about it is that there are actually two buses. The clockwise bus goes from the airport to Sacramento to Davis to Woodland to the airport. The counterclockwise bus goes from the airport to Woodland, to Davis, to Sacramento and back to the airport. The counterclockwise bus is a 20 minute ride home.

I checked the posted schedule and saw that a bus was due in about 25 minutes, so I settled in on a bench in the warm sun and continued on with reading Sheís Come Undone. In due time the bus arrived, I hauled my luggage on board, found a seat and prepared for the ride home.

Only as the bus got onto the freeway, I realized Iíd taken the clockwise bus, not the counterclockwise bus. So I was in for the scenic route. A little over an hour to home, instead of the expected 20 minutes.

But I really didnít mind. I was so engrossed in the book that I just kept my nose in it until we finally got to the bus stop near my house. (I was considering making another circle so I could keep on reading, actually!)

Walt seems to have survived my being gone for the weekend. He seems to have spent most of the time doing stuff himself--to San Francisco for a Lamplighter show, to the University of Picnic Day.

Itís good to be home. Briefly. Iím heading off tomorrow to the Bay Area and on Friday to Stanford. But Iím home long enough to wash clothes and pick up a change of undies!

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