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She's Come Undone
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Affair to Remember
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23 April 2001

Most of you (except the one who has the videotape and won't watch it) know the scene. Cary Grant stands at the apartment door and you see an idea pass thru his mind. He puts his coat down, keeps talking nervously. Deborah Kerr sits on the couch watching him. His eyes dart around the room, he keeps talking, and then he opens the bedroom door, sees the painting, and it all hits him. He puts his head back against the door and closes his eyes. In the room around me comes the sound of kleenex being pulled from the box, and sniffles snuffling. We are both red-eyed as the movie comes to and end.

Diane made the mistake today of telling me she'd never seen the original Affair to Remember. She had seen the Warren Beatty/Annette Bening 1994 version, but while Beatty didn't (thank god!) do to Affair to Remember what Streisand did to A Star Is Born, I was still appalled that she hadn't seen the real movie, and so I rushed out to Blockbuster to rent it and make sure that her cultural education was completed before I leave tomorrow.

Watching the movie was a nice way to pass a rainy afternoon in Seattle. We were so lucky that we went to see the tulips yesterday, because while they would still be spectacular today, it wouldn't be nearly as photogenic as it was yesterday.

In the morning, my friend Mary came over to pick me up and take me to lunch. We went to a mall, the name of which I forget, which had a large new/used book store combined with a food court. It was the perfect place for lunch.

We opted for the Japanese booth. Mary ordered tofu ramen and I had shrimp/vegetable tempura. When the meals were ready, my tempura was so huge and caused such a stir that Mary was stopped by one group of people and asked what it was and people at two tables near us asked me what it was.

(It was much too much to eat; I left half of it and was still stuffed).

When we gave up on finishing our meal, we wandered around the book store (of course), went to a bakery to buy bread (they gave free chunks of samples of their bread, with a mountain of butter to slather on it--and I was too full from lunch to appreciate it).

And then Mary brought me back here, where I made Diane watch Affair to Remember. As the closing credits were rolling, the phone rang and it was Peggy, calling from Australia to chat with both of us. We brought her up to date on all of our comings and goings and she sympathized with Diane for having to sit through the movie.

I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing up a slide show about Hattie cat to leave for Diane, and then following dinner we watched Billy Elliot.

Tomorrrow morning will be spent packing (already!). Diane will drive me to the airport and I'll be flying home. It's been a whirlwind trip, but good to find out first hand how Diane is doing, to get a little visiting in with both Diane and Mary, to see the tulips, and to go home feeling good about a lot of things.

Come to think of it, the whole weekend has been kind of an affair to remember.

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