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20 April 2001

I am about to fly to Seattle to spend the weekend with my friend Diane.

It seems strange to be out of Davis today. This is the second anniversary of Paulís death and it feels like I should be "doing something." The two years have passed so quickly. Last year, I wrote a very emotional entry about Paul. This year Iíd like to talk about the picture on the left.

Itís a picture of the musical group, The Talking Heads, and thatís David Byrne in white.

David Byrne was one of Paulís idols. In one of his (Paulís) shows, he talked about the time he met David Byrne. Paul was working for Holzmuller Theatrical Lighting in San Francisco and Byrne was giving a talk at a theatre in town. A guy who worked with Paul decided that they could bluff their way backstage before the appearance and Paul would get to meet Byrne.

They went to the stage door and announced they were from Holzmuller and were let in. I canít remember all the details now, but Paul could hear Byrne rehearsing on stage and the guy who was so sure he was going to get Paul an invitation botched it, even saying that Paul was a big fan of David Burns.

Anyway, they didnít get to meet Byrne, but Paul had tickets for the show and so hung around waiting for time to be let in. He was walking behind the theatre, and there was nobody around except Paul and one other guy--David Byrne. He was smoking a cigarette. Paul decided to be casual and just walked by and said something like "howís it going" and nothing else.

After heíd walked past Byrne, he decided that he was being ridiculous, that here was his big opportunity to finally meet this man heíd admired for so long (he even had a song called "Burn, David Byrne" in his repertoire), so he turned and went back, but by the time he got there, Byrne had gone back into the theatre. However, heíd tossed his cigarette butt on the ground and Paul saved it. He always intended to do something with it, but he never did.

In earlier entries in this journal, I have mentioned Paul and "Happy," the little yellow happy doll that you can see in the picture. "Happy" was Paul and his wifeís pretend child; he was the ring bearer at their wedding, and he traveled everywhere with them. He even went to Belgium with them.

The Talking Heads made an appearance in San Francisco shortly after Paul died and Audra, Paulís wife, went with some friends to the show. She brought Happy. She met David Byrne in the lobby at one point and talked to him about Paul. And during the show, someone asked if they could toss Happy up on stage and take a picture of the group with the doll.

Iím sure the members of the Talking Heads were totally confused by it all, but they were good natured about it, and they were able to snap this Poloroid of the Talking Heads and Happy.

Paul would have loved it.

One Year Ago:
Dear Paul

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