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18 April 2001

The Catholic Church got rid of Limbo several years ago. I donít know what happened to the souls who were waiting there at the time. All those babies who died unbaptised and others who didnít die with great sin on their souls, but who didnít meet the criteria to get into Heaven. Left in a permanent state of waiting. Did they just disappear? Did they finally get to start their heavenly romp? Did they get demoted to Purgatory? Inquiring minds want to know.

Limbo still exists here on earth, though. People stuck in a state of waiting. Waiting until the time is right to move onto the next step. Earthly Limbo is based on hope. Hope that the time really will eventually be right and that what is beyond that next step is every bit as wonderful as you expect it to be.

Priscilla is stuck in Limbo, waiting until her doctors find a cure for the cancer that is slowly eating away her body. She hangs onto the hope that her pain will leave and she will be able to resume the productive life she once had. Sheís not happy where she is, she finds the pain difficult to bear, but she keeps her eye firmly fixed on that next step and it keeps her going from day to day.

A couple of friends are in Limbo at present, waiting to find work, having been without employment for several months. Limbo is getting a little tense for them. But they know that the perfect job is out there and with their eye on that prize, Limbo becomes more bearable because they know that when the time is right, the next step will be wonderful and worth the wait.

My motherís mother-in-law is in Limbo. Getting ready to celebrate her 105th birthday, she wonders why she canít die. She is stuck here in Limbo, waiting for the time to be right for her to join her husband and her son in a life she must know will be better than what she is enduring here on earth.

There are gay couples living in Limbo who live for the day when the time will be right for the world to accept them as committed couples and grant them the equal rights straight couples are given.

Limbo is kind of boot camp for the next step. No place to go, nothing to do but think about how great it will be when the time is right to move on, so you have the opportunity to plan for how it will be, make changes in your life which will allow you to be ready for that next step when the door opens.

Priscilla has her eye set on learning computers when her "butt" wonít be so sore and she can sit at a terminal for long enough. She hungers to know what this new electronic age is all about. Sheís tried taking classes, but she canít sit and on bad days she canít make it to class at all. But while sheís in Limbo, she is thinking about what she wants to do when the time is right for her to take that next step and she hangs on to the fact that life will be kind to her and allow her the opportunity to make that next step.

My unemployed friends send out resumes, find interim jobs to keep them busy and to help pay the bills and keep their hopes set on the knowledge that the time will be right, the right job will be there, and when the time is right, life will fulfill the beautiful promise that it has dangled in front of them.

Gay couples live their lives from day to day, loving each other and enduring the continuing insults and put downs, living in the hope that some day their relationships will be accepted, knowing that when the time is right, it will have been worth the wait.

For everyone who is in Limbo, hang on to the dream, do what you must do to be ready for the next step, and know that when the time is right, the next step will be well worth the wait.

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