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17 April 2001

God is paying me back. It doesnít pay to mess with God. Sheís got the upper hand. In spades.

Friday was Good Friday, and I didnít observe it. I might even have eaten meat. There was no 3 Hours observance for me. Easter Sunday came and went while I was doing good deeds instead of sitting inside a Church, Ďcause Iím still mad at the Catholic Church over the whole gay thing. Friday was also Friday the 13th. I figure somehow God decided to give me a delayed zapping. Iím sure if I look out the front window, Iíll see a black cat resolutely pacing back and forth across our driveway.

The morning started with Peggy sleeping through our daily chat. She does that sometimes if sheís had a hard night at work and comes home sleepy. Iím used to it, but it starts the day off on a disappointing note. I missed her.

Then I got an e-mail from the editor of the newspaper wanting to know when I was going to get my review of West Side Story to him. I realized Iíd forgotten to review a show. Just totally didnít even know it was opening! All the years I did publicity for various theatre companies, I always made sure to contact the reviewers individually and if they didnít respond, to do a follow up call. I never heard a word from this local theatre group and since we were in Boston last week, I hadnít seen the paper, so I didnít realize the show was opening. The opening weekend came and went and I just plum didnít know it.

The editor was...shall we say..."not pleased." The only thing that saved me was that I sent an e-mail with an abject grovel to the producers of the show, took all the blame, offered no excuse other than stupidity, and the editor thought that showed real class. He was still angry (and rightfully so), but I earned points for not making excuses for why Iíd been so dumb.

(I did not mention to the editor that I realized today, belatedly, that I also didnít review a high school production about a month ago--I was waiting to have them ask me to come! Obviously they didnít complain and he didnít notice there was no review, so I think Iíll just lay low on this one--and keep my calendar up to date from now on).

Around about 10 a.m., the television cable went out. While I donít actually watch a lot of television, Iím a person who has it on in the background for company. Iíve done that ever since I moved into my own apartment in about 1963. Radio doesnít do it for me. Something about music becomes an irritant after awhile, and talk shows invite me to pay attention, but I seem to be able to tune out the noise of the television, glancing at it occasionally if something strikes my fancy.

Apparently that was not to be the case today. Without cable, I lost track of the passage of time. It was 2:30 before I realized how quickly the day was going and how little Iíd actually accomplished.

Usually when the cable goes out, it is only for a brief time, but as the minutes lengthened into hours, it became obvious that we were in for a long haul.

To pass the time (and procrastinate from starting work), I fired up the "new" (now a year old) computer to work on a slide show for yesterdayís Easter pictures. I should mention that the "new" computer has never worked right. The modem just will not hold a connection, if it will make one at all, and so using it for the Internet has been a total disappointing waste of time. However, it does have that neat CD burner and once Peggy gave me the PicturesToEXE program, Iíve been using it more and more to make slide shows, record music, and burn CDs for folks, so Iím actually finally starting to use the computer more and trying to decide whether to spend the money on a new modem, or to just continue using side by side computers.

Yesterday the "new" computer couldnít read one of my photo floppy disks. I figured something had gone wrong with the disk and was grateful that most of the pictures on it were things I had already moved to the hard drive, and I didnít think any more of it.

Today, however, the drive wonít read any floppy disk. It thinks none of them are formatted. That effectively eliminates any possibility of using PicturesToEXE and making any slide shows.

I finally called my ISP provider to ask for suggestions about computer repair options (the beauty of living in a small town--you can actually talk to people!). The service guy thinks they can get the modem working and that it wonít cost me anything, and a local computer repair place thinks they can fix the disk drive in a week or so. In the meantime, my new passion is put on hold, but I might actually have a working computer in a week.

And of course Iím back on the old computer. I tried to send a greeting card, but every time I tried to access the web page, the computer froze and I had to reboot. It almost never does this. God obviously decided to toy with me some more.

Five hours later and the cable still was not on. They said a line was cut and that they had restored service to the neighborhood, but somehow our house is the only house which is still without cable connection. They are sending someone out to find out why. (I decided not to mention that it was the hand of God.)

I also keep getting phone calls which Caller ID identifies as "UNAVAILABLE" but when I pick up the telephone, there is nobody there. (Godís way of saying "nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah," no doubt.)

Yes, there is war and famine and pestilence around the world, and my problems are really just petty annoyances, but I still feel like Iím walking under a black cloud this afternoon. And Iím sure itís because God is mad at me for something.

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