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16 April 2001

What are the odds that in a group of 19 people, 3 of them will be named Bob? I realized this evening that I was sitting in the middle of 3 Bobs, none of whom I really knew. It was just kind of weird.

Easter was a busy one. It started this morning when I had volunteered to drive Priscilla down to prison while Walt was at Mass, so she could spend the day with her two sons. I had taken her to the clinic earlier in the week and again, she expressed her hope that she could find enough money to get to prison on Easter. I decided that I could drive her there, and save her half the fare, and she could take the bus home by herself, since I wouldn’t be around to pick her up.

When I got to her house, she was dressed to the 9s, in a lovely black and gold pant suit, wearing makeup and even wearing black heels. I had never seen her look quite so fancy. She was so excited to be seeing her son. It was going to be a good tonic for her. She’s been in a lot of pain this week, and not sleeping because of it. Wednesday she is having a surgical procedure done and she hopes it will "cure" her cancer (which, of course, it won’t, but she is ever optimistic.)

The person who was supposed to take her to the clinic first thing in the morning didn’t show up, so we stopped at the clinic first and then drove the 20+ miles to the prison. When we got there, I let her out and started to drive off, but a man sitting at a bus stop, indicated that I should wait. It turned out that there had been some problem, so the black and the white prisoners were on lock down and couldn’t see visitors that day. We never did find out why.

Priscilla looked crushed. She got into the car crying, hoping that "her babies" were all right, saying that if she called the prison they wouldn’t give her any information about their condition. She was so terribly disappointed. It also meant she would now spend this holiday day alone. I considered inviting her to come spend the day with our extended family, but decided better of it. I had expected we would be a small group this year, since so many people weren’t able to come. As it turned out, we were a large group and my decision not to invite Priscilla was probably a good one. I still feel bad for leaving her alone, though.

I rushed home from her house. We were now officially late and I still had to shower and get dressed, but we got on the road in record time and arrived at Walt’s brother’s house in Petaluma for the family dinner.

Last year all three of our kids were there, Ned’s wife was there, Tom’s girlfriend was there, Paul’s widow was there, and Nora, the Irish cousin was there. Since none of those folks could come (except for Ned), I figured we would be a small group, but my sister-in-law’s family was able to attend this year, and so we still had the same number of people, just with different faces. And the three Bobs.

(In a small world moment, one of the Bobs discovered that he shared an office with the insurance agent for one of the other Bobs)

There was too much food, lots of laughter, grown-ups reliving their youth by trying to work a hula hoop and ride the new style scooters.

I couldn't keep my hands off my brother-in-law's computer and downloaded an MP3 player for him so he could watch the slide shows I've been making.

Before the end of the evening, both Jeri and Tom had called, which was nice. Tom was sitting on Pismo Beach with his girlfriend and their two dogs, Jeri had just had Passover dinner with her landlady and her roommate.

All was right with the world.

We came home early, so Walt could finish the tax forms and now it’s time to get some work done and then head off to sleep.

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