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14 April 2001

Only bad girls did it. Thatís what Iíd been told all my life. I remember the girls who did, and I remember how we wouldnít really get too friendly with them. They might have been nice people, but theyíd done it and that made them bad.

I had not done it, but Iíd thought about it before. I was an adult now and I had two small children. I was thinking about it a lot. I finally decided that even if it made me a bad person, I really had to do it. I didnít tell anybody that I was going to do it. I would do this alone.

Walt was gone that day. I didnít even tell him I was going to do it.

I took the kids to San Francisco and I left them with my father.

"Iíll back a bit later," I told him. I couldnít tell him I was going to do it. I knew what heíd think of me. He had been so judgemental of so many things throughout my growing up years. Lord only knows what heíd think if he knew my plans.

I kissed the kids goodbye, gathered my things and bravely boarded the bus.

The place was easy to find. There were other people waiting there just inside the front door. Some of them were talking to the staff, others were milling around. Did they feel as nervous as I did? Were they worried about being bad?

Finally someone approached me. Hesitantly I told her my story. She appeared to understand and was very solicitous.

I paid my money and she took me to the back of the place and up a dark flight of stairs.

The room upstairs was dark too. I was aware that there were people around but she passed them by as she led me to the back of the upstairs room where he was sitting. He was an old man and and he made me very uneasy.

I was nervous. Would it hurt? Would it take long?

He talked to me about the procedure. He explained that it would only hurt for a bit. He gave me instructions for what to do afterwards.

Then it was time.

It hurt more than I expected. And there was bleeding. But it was all over quickly and I was given all the equipment I needed for aftercare.

The infection set in a few days later. I was on vacation when I realized that things were not going right. I should have gone home, but I didnít. I kept the area clean and hoped that it would soon go away.

I was lucky. It did.

In a week or so, everything was fine again.

And five weeks later I could finally take the studs out and put in real earrings. Iíve never regretted becoming a "bad girl." I love my pierced ears.

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