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This magnet was one my sister gave me. I'm famous, you see, for having a zillion and one of my kids' pictures or school accomplishments proudly displayed on my fridge. I force everybody to have a look at my outstanding and precocious (of course!) Kid Stuff. hee Sometimes the fridge is so covered with papers, etc, that if a stiff wind blows through the kitchen, it looks like a blizzard is happening! lol


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Yes, I finally finished In A Sunburned Country. I recommend it highly!


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12 April 2001

What was I saying a couple of days ago about flight days being awful and how I just go into an alpha state and try not to let it get to me? Yesterday was Alpha Day.

I got up early and went to get breakfast for all the rest in the room. We sat around munching muffins, drinking coffee, and paying scant attention to the weather report showing storms all across the country and a huge storm headed to the Rockies.

We started at 8:15 at the motel in Brookline. It only took us a little over an hour to drive the 19 miles to the airport. We turned in the car, and showed up early to get our boarding passes for our flight to Denver, and then on to Sacramento.

Surprise, surprise. All flights to Denver had been cancelled. After some searching through the computer, the United clerk found us a flight to Washington, DC, with a 3-hour layover and then direct from DC to Sacramento. It wasnít ideal, but it would at least get us home.

So we settled in for the wait for the 12 noon flight (which was then postponed and didnít actually leave until 1 p.m. One nice thing about waiting at the Boston airport was that they had an Internet machine so I was able to read and send some e-mail.

From Boston to DC we were seated in "economy plus." How lovely to remember the days when you actually had LEG room in an airline seat. I hoped for economy plus seats on the long leg of the trip, but alas, no.

Our flight out of DC was delayed too, so we had a 4 hour layover there. The flight was oversold and so a lot of unhappy passengers. They offered $600 vouchers for people to give up seats, which Walt and I would have grabbed if we had been by ourselves, but we knew the grandmas werenít in a mood to wait several more hours for a flight to San Francisco, spend the night there, and fly to Sacramento the next morning.

We finally got on the plane along with a bazillion high school kids, most of whom were sitting behind us. Fortunately, the in-flight movie kept them occupied for several hours and the nonstop giggling only lasted the last hour or so.

Other than being one of the bumpiest flights Iíve ever had (there were storms across the country, remember!), the flight was uneventful. We saw Family Man with Nicholas Cage, which was very good, and had a nice dinner of "chicken something."

We finally landed in Sacramento at 8:30 p.m. California time (11:30 body clock time). We then had the drive out to Carmichael to drop Waltís mother off and then home to Davis. By the time we got here, we had been on the road for some 18 hours and were ready crash.

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