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30 May 2022

Buy a gun in Japan:

1 Take a firearm class and pass a written exam, which is held up to three times a year. 2 Get a doctor�s note saying you are mentally fit and do not have a history of drug abuse. 3 Apply for a permit to take firing training, which may take up to a month. 4 Describe in a police interview why you need a gun. 5 Pass a review of your criminal history, gun possession record, employment, involvement with organized crime groups, personal debt and relationships with friends, family and neighbors. 6 Apply for a gunpowder permit. 7 Take a one-day training class and pass a firing test. 8 Obtain a certificate from a gun dealer describing the gun you want. 9 If you want a gun for hunting, apply for a hunting license. 10 Buy a gun safe and an ammunition locker that meet safety regulations. 11 Allow the police to inspect your gun storage. 12 Pass an additional background review. 13 Buy a gun.

Buy a gun I. India.

1 Join a shooting club, or show that you or your property are under threat. 2 Attend a practical training course on firearm handling and shooting. 3 Obtain a certificate of physical and mental health from your doctor. 4 Affirm that you have a safe place to keep the firearms. 5 Pass a review that considers three years of tax returns, criminal history, mental health history and domestic violence and that includes interviews with you, your family and neighbors. 6 Buy a gun.

Buy a gun in Austria:

1 To get a handgun or semiautomatic rifle, prove you are in serious physical danger. 2 Pass a review of criminal history. 3 Fill out a mental health survey, and complete a psychological and physical test. 4 Complete a course on safe gun handling and storage. 5 Install safe gun storage. 6 Buy a gun. 7 If you bought a hunting rifle or shotgun, wait three days before coming back to pick it up.

Buy a gun in Australia:

1 Join and regularly attend a hunting or shooting club, or document that you are a collector. 2 Complete a course on firearm safety and operation, and pass a written test and practical assessment. 3 Arrange firearm storage that meets safety regulations. 4 Pass a review that considers criminal history, domestic violence, restraining orders and arrest history. Authorities may also interview your family and community members. 5 Apply for a permit to acquire a specific type of weapon. 6 Wait at least 28 days. 7 Buy the specific type of gun for which you received a permit.

Buy a gun in South Africa:

1 Join an accredited hunting or shooting club, or document a need for self-defense. 2 Complete firearm safety training and pass a written test and practical assessment. 3 Give two employers, friends or community leaders as references. 4 Get fingerprinted. 5 Pass a review of criminal behavior, history of domestic violence and drug abuse and, in some cases, interviews with family and neighbors. 6 Buy a gun safe that meets safety regulations. 7 Allow police to inspect your storage. 8 Wait several months for a federal review of your application. 9 Buy a gun.

Buy a gun in New Zealand:

1 Pass a background check that considers criminal, medical, mental health and domestic violence records. 2 Provide character references. 3 Authorities interview or advise, in person, your partner or next of kin. 4 Pass a home security inspection that checks for proper firearm storage. 5 Take a gun safety course. 6 Wait for approval for a firearms license, which could take weeks or months. 7 Buy a gun.

Buy a gun in the U.S.

buy a gun





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