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18 May 2022

Sigh.  It's another one of "those" days, but this is the last one for this year.  January and February are Paul's and David's birthdays and April and May are their deaths, so once we get past May 18, we are home free until January.  This makes 26 years that David is gone.  He'd be in his 50s now and I just can't picture him going grey

Taken by artist Phoebe Storey

We'll be having Kraft dinner for dinner tonight.  It was David's favorite food and we served it at his memorial service (I think the family were the only ones who ate it) and we have it for dinner every year on his anniversary.  Not quite as good as the sushi we have for Paul!

We are getting used to not having Polly around.  I always hate when that happens because you are starting to forget her a bit. 

I miss her in the middle of the night when I get up to go to the bathroom.  I always come out of the bathroom expecting to see her at the other end of the hall, her tail wagging hopefully.  She always hoped that if I was up and awake I would give her food, which I never did before 5 a.m.  But it seems strange not to have her there in the middle of the night, of coming over for a pet and a reminder that she's hungry when I first sit up in the morning.'

She and Walt had a nighttime routine.  She would be sleeping in her bed and didn't wake up until Jeopardy and then she'd come to Walt to remind him that it was time for a treat.  Then at the end of the evening, he'd be doing all sorts of things in the kitchen and she wouldn't pay attention at all until he started turning out the lights, then she came to him, tail wagging a mile a minute, because she knew he would give her a treat before he went upstairs.  He's been handing me a treat at night now.  I told him I think we should get a bowl of Hershey's kisses so he can give me a treat I'll like before he goes to bed.

I am also having trouble eating many things.  Polly was always the one who got my bread crusts and anything I didn't want to finish.  I'm going to have to serve myself smaller portions of things at dinner and learn to eata bread crusts because there is no Polly to give treats to.  Bouncer would love to have me give her treats, but her digestion is so wonky that I don't dare.  I dropped something on the floor in the kitchen the other day and realized that I would have to bend over and pick it up, because Polly wasn't there to eat it.

The big thing is how quiet it is.  Polly was a barker.  Bouncer was not until Polly taught her how to bark half an hour before dinner time.  The two of them barked back and forth (it sounded like a conversation) until they were fed.  Ned said Bouncer rarely finished her dinner until she moved here and then once she realized that if she left her bowl, Polly would get it, so she started eating everything right away.  Now that Polly is gone, she is not finishing her dinner right away again.

Bouncer seems to be wondering where she is.  She spent a couple of days just kind of standing in the family room looking around.  But she's getting used to being an only dog again.

Ned dedicated his show this week to Polly, starting with "Bump as you Go," the song he wrote after his dog died many years ago, and then other dog-related pieces of music, including "The Minute Waltz."  Did you know that "The Minute Waltz"  was originally called "The Waltz of the Little Dog" and Chopin wrote it for George Sand's dog Marquis.  It was never intended to be played in a minute.

Walt, Ned and Marta are all sick, with sneezing, and congestion.  All have tested negative, so it's not COVID but they are all miserable.  I think the only reason I have not gotten the symptoms is because I cough, sneeze and have nasal congestion all the time, and have for years, so if I'm as "sick" as the others, it just feels normal.




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