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13 May 2022

The one thing about having so many pen pals, especially pen pals that I have been exchanging letters with for a year or more, is learning how many different kinds of family relationships there are.  It is sad to read how many come from families where the mother or father left when the child was young, or who came from abusive families, or who have children they have not seen in years because of disagreements.  I had a father who probably  was bipolar and who had an explosive temper, but only verbally.  He never used physical punishment and was gone a lot of the time, for his job, so it was my mother who held us all together.

My mother came from a very close family.

The only photo taken of the entire family

They were so close that two sisters married the same man and one cousin married another cousin!  But I loved how they stayed close to each other, and to their parents.  We didn't necessarily see them often because my father didn't like the family, but the closeness was always there.

Walt's family has always been close.  After his father died, it was the four of them who had to keep the family going and it made close relationships between not only Walt and his siblings but all three of them with their mother.

I was thinking this past week at how lucky we are that our kids remain close to us. Ned, of course, lives with us, but how wonderful for Jeri to fly out for Mothers Day (and to fly out again for her grandmother's memorial in June).  Jeri sends 30 second videos to everyone every day and she calls to talk with either me or with Walt about once a week, so we stay close.

We don't see or hear from Tom all that often because he has a busy life and is helping to take care of both of his wife's parents, but we do see him at least twice a year, with the rest of the family, and I love how close he and his siblings are to each other.

When Paul was alive, he called me every day just to chat or to share a joke and as he was making plans to move to Southern California, he asked if I thought it was weird that he called his mother every day.  It would have been nice if he had been around when long distance calls were free with cell phones.

I feel so fortunate to have come from a close family.

and to have a close family of my own.  I am very lucky.



My grandmother with her daughters,
at my grandfather's funeral


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