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12 May 2022

Well, Jeri is headed home now, after a few days here.  Sure was a wonderful Mothers Day surprise!  She will be back next month for the memorial for my mother.  Phil will be with her this time and they will then go up to Seattle to spend a few days visiting with his mother.

We've had some time to spend with Jeri while she's been here.  On Monday, we went out to lunch at Tres Hermanas, where Walt and I had lunch with the critics a few weeks ago.

She spent a father-daughter afternoon riding bikes with Walt, going downtown to shop and today was our mother-daughter afternoon.  Jeri's friend Jessica works at an "estate" called Park Winters, which describes itself as Our one-of-a-kind estate features dreamy gardens, a historic Victorian inn, an elegant white barn and two rustic barns, a chic pool and hot tub, a quaint organic farm and sweeping views of the countryside. Park Winters serves as an award-winning Northern California wedding event venue, a luxurious bed and breakfast and offers day-visitors unique experiences.  Jessica suggested that Jeri and I come and see the place because the drive was beautiful.

The drive out was indeed beautiful.  This is the time of year when the clouds are at their most beautiful.

While we were waiting for Jessica to come and meet us in the parking lot, we were enjoying all of the artichokes that were growing.

Many of them had turned to flower already...

...and Jessica told us the most interesting thing.  When bees are pollinating flowers and their legs get heavy with the pollen they are taking back to the hive, they will fly head first into an artichoke flower and take a nap.  Sure enough.  Jeri checked and there was a bee, looking like it was dead, but moving a bit, head first in the flower.

After we left Jessica, we went into the town of Winters to the Putah Creek Cafe, a popular place to eat around here.

We had a great lunch and got a chance to really have a conversation.  My hearing loss makes it difficult to have a conversation in a group, but one on one at the cafe made it easy and we talked politics, her job and life in general and it was just great.

So now she's on her way to the airport and things are quiet around here.  I will miss her, but it was wonderful having her here.



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