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9 May 2022

What a Mothers Day!   First of all, yesterday afternoon flowers from Tom were delivered.

I woke up and realized I didn't have to wonder if Polly had been fed or not.  (sniff)  So I got up and got my coffee, which Ned had made.  Ned and Walt came in to wish me a happy mothers day and Ned asked if I was ready for my surprise present.  He told me to shut my eyes.  When he told me to open them, there was my surprise gift.

Jeri flew in from Boston yesterday, spent the day with Ned at the Whole Earth Festival at the university and he snuck her upstairs for the night.  I was in total shock.  Probably the biggest surprise I've ever had!  She will be here until Tuesday.

With Jeri here, she was able to open her birthday gift, which Ned told me he had mailed to her.

Ned put together a great brunch for us, with French toast, mimosas and fresh strawberries.

Then we had a Facetime chat with Tom and Lacie for about an hour.  Bri stopped by briefly, but really had no interest in participating.

Jeri and Ned went back to the Whole Earth Festival for the afternoon (Ned is helping with sound for the music) and Jeri came home around dinnertime.  Walt ordered Chinese food for us, since Ned was not going to be here to cook. 

A really terrific Mothers Day!



Lacie showing which finger she broke
(and happy she has the excuse to show it!)

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