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4 May 2022

I hear about the "Met Gala" every year and see snippets of outlandish dresses but I've never paid attention to it.  This year I decided to find out what exactly the Met Gala is. According to Vogue magazine, this is "fashion's biggest night out" and is a fund raiser for the Metropolitan Musem of Art in New York.  Only ~600 people are invited and they pay $35,000 a ticket. For that they get dinner and some musical performance (though I couldn't find anywhere who was performing).

Obviously the costumes are "the" thing.  I looked through over 200 pictures of them and shake my head a most of them.  For one thing, you're going in to eat and listen to music....how do you sit down?

And if you're wearing a hat, do you have to sit at the back?

Of course this guy didn't need a hat.

Here's a guy who didn't seem to care much what he wore, for $35,000

And you can't tell me that of all the options, this woman thought this would be a beautiful dress to wear to this event

As for this one, I wonder how long the dress actually stayed up.

Of all the people I saw in those >200 photos, the only names I recognized were Sarah Jessica Parker and Glenn Close, who looked looked pretty decent.

I'm sitting here writing this wearing my pajama bottoms and a t-shirt and feeling a lot more comfortable than any of these people do!



This was a dress I actually liked...
but I hate the hair styles that have hair hanging down your face.
Makes me want to take a brush and brush the hair back!

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