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3 May 2022

I came across a list of journal questions and found one particularly interesting.  It was to name three of your favorite fictional characters and why they are your favorite.

#1 would have to be Jo, from "Little Women."  I suspect that a good percentage of female readers answering this question would choose Jo as one of their favorites.

Jo is the second oldest of the March family, the smartest and most creative.  Unlike her sisters who are into all things "girly," Jo is an outspoken tomboy who loves to spend time in the attic writing stories, which she gets her sisters to perform, or tries to have published.

She is an outspoken woman who will give up her hair to raise money for the family.  Her negative comments cause her to lose an opportunity to travel to Europe with her aunt, but she goes off to live by herself in New York, working as governess for the children of her mother's friend.  While there she continues to write and meets Professor Bhaer, from Berlin, who reads her writing and offers construction criticism that causes her to write "My Beth," following the death of her sister Beth, which Bhaer is able to get published as a book. 

Jo and Professor Bhaer end up together.


Harlan Coben wrote 11 books featuring Myron Bolitar, another of my favorite fictional characters.

Myron was on his way to becoming a professional basketball player in college, when a shattered knee ended his basketball career.

Instead he went to college, studying at Harvard Law School, and became a sports agent.  He takes care of his clients, which often puts him in the role of "accidental detective." He solves many mysteries with his friend, the billionaire Windsor Horne Lockwood III, one of the more intriguing fictional characters you will ever meet, and his assistant, Esperanza Diaz.

Myron is devoted to his parents and over 11 books has a number of failed romances.  He drinks You-Hoo, which I'd never heard of before.

All of the Bolitar books are intriguing and I was sad when Harlan Coben stopped writing them (though his independent books written after Myron ended, have all been wonderful.)


My third favorite character would be Jamie Fraser, from Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series.  "Outlander" is the story of Claire, who time travels from 1945 to 1743 and meets a band of highland warriors, one of whom was the injured Jamie.  Claire and Jamie become friends, while she tries to find out how to get back to 1945. 

To prevent her from being tortured by the British, Jamie is forced to marry her, though she is already married in the 20th century.  But the two fall in love and get into all sorts of problems over the next 9 books.

Gabaldon describes Jamie as handsome and unusually tall, with distinctive red hair, deep blue eyes, and fair skin. The character uses many aliases throughout the series, including Jamie MacTavish, The Dunbonnet, Red Jamie/Seumas Ruadh, Mac Dubh, Alex MacKenzie, and Alexander Malcolm.

While most people think of Claire as the star of the "Outlander" books, my favorite character has always been Jamie.


Jeri's avocado plants
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