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2 May 2022

So we've had this pandemic and I've been spending most of my life in the house.  I've been to two social events, one a memorial service, and one the "Soup's On" fund raiser a week or so ago.

With essentialy zero social interact in two years, today we had to choose. Char's kids are having a birthday party for her about 80 miles away and Walt's sister Alice Nan and his brother & his wife wanted to meet us at Fenton's for lunch.  Alice Nan has wanted to go to Fenton's ever since I started writing about my lunches with Charlotte.  So we had to choose.

We decided to eat at Fentons with the family and had a great two hours there, though we did miss being Char and her family.

It was the first time I'd been to a restaurant since reading Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential" and I was curious to see the cooks and their food!

Alice Nan has been reading about our crab salad sandwiches and knew that was something she was going to want to have.

Walt and I both ordered crab melts and our usual vanilla malts.  The price of the crab sandwiches have gone up to $23.

Ned, who doesn't like fish, ordered a hamburger and I was jealous that he ordered onion rings.  Next time I will have to substitute onion rings for potato chips.

After everyone had lunch, we decided to have dessert too.

We went outside to take selfies.

It was really a fun lunch and it was good seeing everyone again, even if we missed being at Char's daughter's house for the birthday party.




if you can follow this link, this is a video we went to Jeri and Char

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