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23 March 2022

It's all Harlan Coben's fault.

While I was reading my current book on my Kindle app, a page popped up with books recommended by Harlan Coben and Patricia Cornwell, both of whom I read.  Each recommendation list also had a list of the books by the author making the recommendation.

Harlan Coben has come out with a new book, "The Match" which is book 2 following a book called "A Walk in the Woods."  I couldn't remember if I'd read "A Walk in the Woods or not so I went to check.

Now I should explain that after I finish a book, I write a review to post on my web site, I also post the same review on SwapBot, on GoodReads, and on Amazon and I keep the information about having read the book in a database.  (My office may look a mess, but my book lists on the internet are very neat and tidy!)

So I first went to my database and I saw that I had read a book by Coben called "The Woods" but not "A Walk in the Woods."  I read that book in 2016, so I went to my list of 2016 books to see what I'd said, and discovered that the page for 2016 books was not there. I couldn't find it anywhere.

So I checked SwapBot and found  that I hadn't started posting reviews on Swap Bot in 2016, so I went to GoodReads and checked on the books from my database and all the reviews were there.  Well, all the reviews I actually wrote and posted.

So I decided to recreate the 2016 book review page.  How nice it would be if this were one of the years where I only read a dozen books, but I read nearly 50 and for each book, I had to look it up on Good Reads to see if there was a review, then copy the review, then put it in the new 2016 Book Review page.

I was going to give up for awhile after about 2 hours but then it was time for Ned's radio show, so I worked another hour while the show was on.  Thee were 8 more books to check by dinner time.

When I got all of the books on the list, I went back to Amazon to check the books for which I had no GoodReads review and found a couple of short reviews there.

I finally got the 2016 book review page finished and posted, and no, I did not read "A Walk in the Woods."

But the problem with doing all this is I found a bunch of other books I really want to read NOW and so I want to just sit somewhere and read and read and read....and not answer the stack of letters I have here in front of me!

Gracie has started sleeping in the squirrel house again.  This time she was sleeping on the shelf, not on the nest she has built for herself.

She has started sleeping in the house every night again, but she has built a nest on the other side of the house, where the camera can't see, so if she decides to have her babies there, we won't see them until they are old enough to crawl around the house.

Ned is making sure that there are chunks of squash on the feeder below the house to encourage Gracie to keep coming back to the house.



Brianna texted me a picture of the Hope Diamond.
So happy she saw it and that I told her the story about it.


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