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21 March 2022

It took several years -- about 15, I believe -- for me to think of Davis as home.  The day that I drove over the hills that took me into the valley and I felt like I was going home, I knewI had finally adjusted to living away from the San Francisco bay area..

Davis is a nice town in which to live, but it doesn't have one thing that I miss about San Francisco.  Fog.

I loved waking up in the morning to a foggy street, and going to bed at night listening to the sound of the fog horns.

I remember how disappointed I was on our first trip to London.  All of the old movies you see about London show it filled with fog everywhere and in all of the trips we've made to London, I don't think I have seen fog once.

When you drive home from San Francisco to Davis and pass empty fields, you'll find fog rising out of them and across the highway, but once you get to where there are buildings, you don't see fog any more.

There was only one time I remember feeling afraid in fog.  We were driving to Santa Barbara and it was night time when we ran into heavy fog.  I was driving and literally could not see the car in front of me.  I got so nervous I had to find a place to pull off the freeway and let Walt drive.

I hate it when the fog is so thick that cars drive the normal rate of speed.  I always slow down if I have to drive through fog.

But I love going somewhere like Greens restaurant in Ft. Mason, where I can sit and look out on the Golden Gate bridge, covered in fog.

I feel sorry for tourists who come to visit the city in the summertime and come with their lightweight cotton clothes and no heavy coats and stand shivering in the fog.  Summer is one of the predictably cold times in the city.  Mark Twain is quoted as saying (though apparently he never said it) "the coldest winter I ever felt was summer in San Francisco."

The thing about fog is that it may sit outside the bridge all day.  Crossing the Golden Gate bridge, you can see it off on the ocean just sitting there, and then around 4 p.m., like there is a timer set, it starts rolling in and soon is covering the city.

We have had days of fog here in Davis, where the street gets foggy until the sun comes up, but it's never the cozy fog of San Francisco.





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