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16 March 2022

I have enjoyed This is Us ever since the show started, though as it has gone on the flash backs (which sseem to have escalated) make it sometimes confusing.

I hardly understood last night's show at all.

Why did Kevin decide to take two babies on a plane to a cabin to make them start to appreciate how special the family cabin is and to show them what a good father he is. And why would a guy who is carrying two babies in car seats also bring a guitar with him for the weekend.

Where are the babies in all the scenes in the cabin?

I didn't remember Cassidy, who was in charge of building the new cabin, though i'm sure I should have remembered her.  I'm not sure why there was so much back story of her time in Afghanistan in a series which is supposedly ending.  I don't understand the importance of her suicide attempt.

I didn't understand why Kevin sat in a hospital all night, when the doctor told him to go home.  Who was taking care of the babies?

I didn't understand the importance of needing to touch the drain in the deep end of the swimming pool.

I suppose there is a reason for all of this but I was pretty much completely lost in most of the show.

I wrote a review of the book I just finished, written by one of my pen pals.  She apparently didn't much like the review, though I gave her 4 (out of 5) stars and said it was a good book.  She says I apparently read too fast.

OK...well, I didn't write a longer review because the parts I left out were negative and I wanted her to have a positive review so people will read the book -- because it is enjoyable.

However, she said I got the boyfriends mixed up (and I'm not sure what that means), but I left out the boyfriend part of the story because it goes from a pretty interesting set up, with the heroine making friends with an 86 year old quilter in order to get information for her thesis on quilting, to her love life.

It says she has just broken up with her boyfriend, with whom she had lived for 4 years and who left her with a broken heart and no desire to be in love again...suddenly she meets a guy and right away, the same day, she's in bed with him and a couple of weeks later she's thinking marriage.  The writing goes from one style to chick lit for a few chapters and it just didn't make any sense at all.  Her chick lit writing is not as easy to read as the rest of her writing.

Also, my complaint to the author is that she makes such big deal about the quilts she is examining being ugly and nobody liking them, but that they are an art work all of their own. Apparently there are no pictures on the internet that show what kinds of ugly quilts she is talking about. 

The heroine and a photographer attend a quilt show where there is a lot of chatter about the quilts and this and that stitching, etc, but unless you are a quilter (which the author is), you have no way to understand what she is writing about.  This section of the book seemed to be written very easily since she is such a quilter herself, but it explains nothing to those of us who are not quilters.

The author is a bit of a snob...has no TV because everything on it is "drek."  She only sees foreign films, is a regular at the opera and makes anyone with tastes like mine feel somewhat less.  So when she compares the quilts to art work she has seen, she doesn't choose artists most of us will have heard of, but names I've never heard of -- and I'm not entirely  unaware of art.  Just seems like she tried to find the most esoteric artists, which is not going to be accessible to the normal reader.

Actually the book is less snobbish than I expected it to be, having read things she has written for 10 or more years.  It is more readable than I expected it to be.  She does mention Jeopardy many times.

She has mentioned all the people to whom she has sent free books for review.  She promised me a free book awhile back and asked if I would review it, but never followed through on that, so I had to buy my own copy--which is OK.

Perhaps she felt I read too fast because I left out parts of the book that she probably considers important.  And I did leave out big parts of the book, because I had nothing good to say about them.

I felt like I was reviewing a community theater production rather than a professional production, where I concentrate on the good and ignore the bad because it's not a professional work.


Fatboy Slim


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