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9 March 2022

So are you playing Wordle?  Is there anyone other than Walt and Ned who is NOT playing Wordle? 

What a fun game.  And it seems that everyone I know on Facebook is playing it.  The nice thing is that it's a puzzle that you solve and you can only solve one day.  And you have the option of posting to Facebook, which everyone seems to do.  After that you are locked out until midnight the next night, when you can play again.  That way nobody is getting flooded with Wordle scores.

Just in case you have not heard of Wordle, now hosted by the New York Times, and don't know how it works, this is what the daily Wordle puzzle looks like.

You guess a five-letter word and enter it in the top row, and you find out if any of your letters are correct (they turn green) or if the are in the word, but just not in that space (they turn yellow)

The letter U is not in the word.  This is what a game might look like for someone who took six tries to get the answer.

If you don't get it in six tries, that's it.  You're done until tomorrow.  I usually get the answer in 4 tries.  I once got it in two and more than once it took six tries.  It helps if you have good starting word...I try to use a word that has three vowels, no less than two vowels.

And then when you have finished, you post your results on Facebook.  The result on the left was posted by my friend Shelly, the one on the right by Jeri (who usually does much better than this)

I usually play it every night after Colbert's monologue, which is about midnight and the new puzzle is just released and I can snuggle in my recliner with my cell phone and solve the new puzzle..

The nice thing about this game is how many people are playing it (2.5 million a day, I read) and they are of all political and religious persuasions and there is no comment at all, other than a congratulations for a game well played.  Something on Facebook that brings us all together instead of tearing us apart!

I wonder if Putin plays Wordle.



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