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8 March 2022

You don't find these kinds of problems living in the San Francisco area.

The University of California, Davis, was begun as an agricultural campus, though it has evolved into a full degree school.  Still, agriculture is a big part of the program of this university.

There are some small experimental grain research projects planted on one side of the university, which are now being threatened by Canada geese.

We in the city have been informed that the university will begin using a nonlethal noisemaking machine to drive geese away from several fields around the city.

The noisemaker, which makes a sound like a muffled blast, will operate as needed between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. up to the end of June.  Noisemakers are the most effective way to deter wild geese. The devices are widely used in commercial agriculture.

This is a town which is very concerned with noise pollution and so the university must be careful.

UC Davis officials considered the environmental impact of the device, compared other potential options for deterrence, consulted with wildlife experts on campus and decided that the temporary measures, during daytime periods, are the best option. UC Davis will evaluate the device during the next three weeks to help indicate whether any adjustments are needed.

Somehow, with millions of women and children having to leave their homes because of Russian bombing, a little noise making to drive geese away doesn't seem like all that big a deal.  But I'm sure there will be complaints.  It's that kind of town.

I found this on line yesterday.

This is apparently what came out when they invented the toilet paper roll, and should answer the nagging question everyone has.

I never thought I cared one way or another until my friends Char and Michele had the traditional argument -- Char was under, Michele was over.  Whenever either of them was at the other's house, they switched the TP.  I discover that I'm an "over" but not religiously.  But whenever I'm at Char's I use the bathroom to switch the TP ... in memory of Michele.



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