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7 March 2022

If you are an Outlander fan and have not yet seen Episode 1 of Season 6, don't read this entry until you have -- unless you don't mind spoilers.

So the two year "Droughtlander" is finally over and Season 6 has begun. There are only 8 episodes because of filming during the pandemic, so season 6 will be over practically before it begins, but the first episode is 90 minutes...and Season 7, which is already planned, will actually be 16 episodes.

I have stopped reading a lot of comments on Facebook about this show because it seems that so many people want to pick it to pieces and complain about everything.  It is important to remember that this is a television show, not written by Diana Gabaldon, and repeatedly saying it is based on her books.  Thus, it does not follow each book and the writers include things which were never in the books.

That said, I do have to agree with those that complain that Claire's invention of and then use of ether to rid her of her mental anguish following her attack in Season 5 was really kind of out there.  Definitely not in the book....and actually definitely not the Claire we have grown to know so well.

For starters, there is a new version of the opening song which is sung by a man and includes "sing me a song of a lad that is gone..." and eventually a duet with a woman.  I have liked the various new versions of the theme and am not sure how I feel about this one.

Season 6 begins with a look back at Jamie's time in Ardsmuir prison in 1753 to set up his relationship with Tom Christie, who brings his family to settle on Frasier's Ridge in 1775.  Their tension, which began in prison, between Christie a devout Protestant and Jamie (and others) devout Catholics, continues today, though Christie needs Jamie's land to settle on.  I personally thought the prison scenes were too long...took up 30 minutes of the 90 minute show, though showing Jamie as the leader he becomes.

An interesting bit about Jamie and Sam Heughan, who plays him.  I have a difficult time reading all the messages from women who are madly in love with Heughan.  Perhaps it's because he's young enough to be my grandson!  But the interesting thing about the actor is that while his interviews on TV about the show show him as an interesting young actor, there is nothing of the strength and charisma...and yes, age...that he brings to Jamie.  Watching an interview and then a scene from the show shows what a magnificent actor he is.  I may be attracted to Jamie, where I am not at all attracted to Heughan.

Once the prison scenes are over and we return to the present, it is apparent that this first episode is to remind people what has gone on in Season 5 and to reintroduce most of the characters to the audience, letting them know what they are doing now. 

Jamie is offered the job of Indian agent, which he turns down, not wanting to work for the king any more (knowing that the revolution is coming), but ends up taking the job so that it doesn't go to Richard Brown, brother of the man who led the attack on Claire in Season  5, who is very anti-Indian.

It also introduces the audience to Tom Christie's family.  Daughter Malva, who will become (if they follow the book) a close assistant to Claire, is played by Jessica Reynolds, who is only seen briefly in this episode, but whom I found very appealing and look forward to her role expanding.

We see a lot of Jamie's adopted son Fergus and wife Marsali, very pregnant with the most recent of their many children.  Following the plot of the book, Fergus has become a drinker and wife abuser, which Claire will have to deal with in coming episodes.

We get a hint of what happened during Jamie's nephew Ian's time living with the Mohawk, a story which will become more important as the series continues. 

There is, of course, a romantic scene with Jamie and Claire.  It is nice that their sexual encounters have matured into the middle aged couple they have become, though still very well done.

I liked this episode and have hope for the rest of the season, and am already bemoaning the fact that it's almost over!



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